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ICTS meeting on Air-Sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal

February 2019: International meeting at ICTS on Air-Sea interactions in the Bay of bengal from Monsoons to Mixing.






Our work featured in SPAN by Dept of State

January 2019: The current issue (November-December 2018) SPAN https://span.state.gov/issue-extract/16578 carries an article on Tandon’s Fulbright-Nehru scholarship and our Monsoon research.





Collaborative Meeting and Scientific Discussions with TUMSAT Japan and IOUSP Brazil

Prof. Amit Tandon (UMass Dartmouth) hosted a series of collaborative meetings and scientific discussions with Prof Takeyoshi Nagai from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) and Prof. Ilson Silveira from Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IOUSP) on October 10, 2018.

(from L-R) Prof. Silveira, Prof. Nagai and Prof. Tandon

JGR paper published on sub-seaonsal dispersal!


Doctoral student Jared Buckley and collaborator J. Sreelekha’s paper published “Subseasonal dispersal of freshwater in the northern Bay of Bengal in the 2013 summer monsoon season” has been published by JGR-Oceans. Congratulations Jared!

Nature feature on Mysteries of Indian Monsoon and our fieldwork.


Prof. Tandon recently returned from a successful MISOBOB cruise. More details appear in the Nature article on Mysteries of Indian monsoon probed in Bay of Bengal!

Our work featured in NYTimes

Prof. Tandon was quoted in NYT article over the floods in Thailand.

Farid’s work with us published in JGR!

Dr. Farid Karimpour recently completed his postdoctoral appointment. He has joined a CFD company in the region. His work in the Tandon lab has now been published as “Sustenance of phytoplankton in the subpolar North Atlantic during winter”, by Karimpour, F., Tandon, A. and Mahadevan, A., in Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans. Congratulations Farid!

Submesoscale analysis published in J Phys Oceanogr.

Dr. Sanjiv Ramachandran, Prof. Amit Tandon and colleagues published an observational analysis of an intensive survey of a sub-mesoscale front from their 2013 Bay of Bengal cruise onboard R/V Revelle, “Submesoscale Processes at Shallow Salinity Fronts in the Bay of Bengal: Observations during the Winter Monsoon“. Congratulations Sanjiv!

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Explorations Article


Scripps Institution of Oceanography Explorations Article this week.


Mixing to Monsoons: Air-Sea Interactions in the Bay of Bengal

Mixing to Monsoons: Air-Sea Interactions in the Bay of Bengal

Cover story in this week’s Eos – weekly of the American Geophysical Union.



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