“When someone tells you that ‘Oh, math is not really my thing,’ respond back, ‘and working at McDonald’s isn’t mine.’”

Danny Crichton, Stanford University Student

“We had more sports-exercise majors graduate than electrical engineering graduates last year. If you want to become the massage capital of the world, you’re well on your way.”

Jeff Immelt, CEO, General Electric Co.

“. . . of the seventy finalists in an NSA (National Security Agency)-backed computer coding contest, twenty were from China, ten from Russia and two from the USA.”

Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld

“The 19th century belonged to England, the 20th century belonged to the United States, and the 21st century belongs to China. Invest accordingly.”

Warren Buffett

Last year, U.S. consumers spent $7.1 billion on potato chips — $2 billion more than the federal government’s total 2009 investment on energy research and development.