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Tandon Laboratory at UMass Dartmouth

Month: July 2022

Tandon lab was present at ICERM workshop on Prediction and Variability of Air-Sea Interactions: the South Asian Monsoon

Few members of the Tandon Lab attended the workshop on “Prediction and Variability of Air-Sea Interactions: the South Asian Monsoon”  which was held at Institute for Computational & Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), Brown University, Providence. Prof Tandon was a co-organizer of that workshop while Sid Kerhalkar and Dr. Suraj Singh attended the workshop.

Members of Tandon Lab present at GRC on Ocean Mixing 2022

Members of the Tandon lab attended the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) 2022 on Ocean Mixing which was held at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts in June 2022. The goal of this conference was to bring together disparate groups to identify and describe critical elements of mixing physics that are most important in reducing the uncertainty in model predictions on all scales – spanning from rapid, small-scale dynamics to multi-decade, global impacts. This brought together observational, theoretical, experimental, and numerical communities which advanced our understanding of ocean mixing and further tackle applied problems that have most societal relevance.

Prof Tandon was a discussion leader for the session “Submesoscale and Finescale Processes: Fronts, Instabilities and Turbulence”, while Iury Simoes-Sousa, Filipe Pereira, Sid Kerhalkar and Dr. Suraj Singh presented their work in the form of poster presentations. Some of them also participated in the Gordon Research seminar, which was a platform for Early Career Scientists (ECR’s) to showcase their research. Attending this conference not only advanced the scientific knowledge of the lab members, but it also initiated discussions about mentoring through the power hour and peer-mentoring program of the GRC.

PS: We do not have pictures from the talks as the conference has a strict no-pictures policy.

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