2024-2027: MUST V: “Optimizing the Design of a Novel Upper Ocean Variable Buoyancy Vehicle (Aurelia)”, $318,183.00 (with Dr. Ruolin Zhou as co-PI)

2023-2027: The Arabian Sea ocean-atmosphere MIxed Layers Exchange (ASMILE), $1,065,804: Tandon is the sole PI of this 5 year grant (ONR ASTraL DRI).

2023-2026: REvisiting MIXed layer baroclinic instability for curved fronts (REMIX), $467,647

2023-2025: Internal waves in Angular Momentum Stratification (INTRINSIC), NSF, $480,694 (Co-PI with Dr. Christian Buckingham)

2022-2025: Collaborative Research: Lee Waves and Sheared Mean Flow: Interactions and Impacts of Topography, NSF, $76,551

2021-2024: PI for UMassD MUST Multi-Investigator Team Grant: Submesoscale and Mesoscale Interactions Study (SubMIST) This grant established CAOO and partly funds two research faculty (Buckingham and Pietri), $ 1,336,152, ONR.

2021-2023: Aurelia: Low- cost user-friendly depth changing vehicle for ocean sensors. Technology development Fund, Office of Technology Commercialization and Ventures (OTCV),UMass President’s Office, $22,000

2020-2024: UMassD MUST Multi-Investigator Team Grant: Acoustic Rainfall Measurement on Global Drifters, $1,253,847, ONR

2020-2024: UMassD MUST Multi-Investigator Team Grant: Regional Ocean Turbulence from Long-Duration, Autonomous Observations, $1,043,691, ONR (Co-PI with Prof. Mark Altabet)

2018-2022: Collaborative research: Internal lee-wave dissipation in oceanic flows with mean shear, NSF, $173,686

2017-2021: Understanding the ocean-atmosphere coupling in the Northern Indian Ocean, ONR, $753,841

2016-2019: Competition between mixed-layer instabilities in shallow fronts at subtropical latitudes in the ocean, NSF, $223,297.

2014-2018: Collaborative Research: Role of mixed layer eddies on phytoplankton productivity in seasonally variable regimes, NSF, $324,615.

2014-2018: Data serving for ASIRI participants, ONR, $149,988.00.

2013-2018: Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI, ONR $647,173.

2012-2013: Interpreting the ocean’s interior from surface data, NASA, $129,318.

2010-2011: Interpreting the ocean’s interior from surface data, NASA, $155,538.

2009-2013:On the importance of submesoscale processes for ocean productivity, NSF, $328,384.

2008-2013: Submesoscale routes to lateral mixing in the ocean (LATMIX),ONR, $349,641.

2012: MOPE: Multi-scale Ocean Modeling in Support of the Pioneer Array, MGHPCC Seed Fund, UMass President’s Office. $20,000.

2008-2009: From Stirring to Mixing: Submesoscale Routes to Lateral Dispersal of Tracers in Upper Ocean. ONR, $21,369.

2006-2010: The effect of submesoscale processes on property fluxes and distributions in the upper ocean, NSF, $177,110.

2006-2010: Exploiting laboratory experiments in the teaching of Meteorology, Oceanography and Climate: Phase II (MIT), NSF, $31,745.

2006-2008: Interaction of Eddies with Mixed Layers, NSF, $32,800.

2003-2006: Interaction of Eddies with Mixed Layers, NSF, $47,446.

2002-2005: Diapycnal fluxes in the Southern Ocean, NSF, $173,782.

1999-2003: Large scale property fluxes in the North Atlantic, NSF, $140,000.

2001-2002: REU Supplement to Large Scale fluxes, NSF, $20,000.

1997-2001: The Significance of time dependence and entrainment fluxes to water mass formation, NSF, $168,713.

1992-1996: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Climate System Modeling Fellowship, UCAR Ocean Modeling Postdoctoral Fellowship. Only two fellowships were awarded, and mine was at the University of Victoria, Canada.