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Filipe Pereira: Successfully Defended Ph.D. Thesis and Prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship!

We are thrilled to share the wonderful news that the Ph.D. thesis defense of Filipe Pereira was successfully conducted on April 14th 2023.

Thesis Title: Physical-biological interactions in the Brazil Current meanders

Filipe is part of the University of São Paulo – UMass Dartmouth dual-degree program and displayed remarkable dedication throughout his research journey, leading to cutting-edge findings and enriching the scientific community. His tireless efforts and commitment to excellence have paved the way for new insights into the physics of the evolution of the quasi-stationary meanders of Brazil Current and its biological implications to local plankton community. Additionally, the dataset and analysis show that while the phytoplankton in mixed layer is influenced by the smaller processes at the edge of the large mesoscale eddy, at the pycnocline the plankton dynamics is dominated by the eddy pumping.

Stay updated on Filipe’s research by following their profile on ResearchGate!”

The defense was conducted under the guidance of a distinguished committee, whose expertise and guidance were instrumental in shaping and refining Filipe’s research. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following committee members:

– Prof. Ilson Silveira (USP Advisor)
– Prof. Amit Tandon (UMD Advisor)
– Prof. Áurea Ciotti (USP)
– Prof. Geoffrey Cowles (UMD)
– Prof. Peter Franks (UCSD)

The now Dr. Filipe Pereira has been awarded the highly prestigious University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship (PPFP), recognizing his outstanding accomplishments and commitment to fostering a more diverse and equitable academic community. This esteemed program, with an impressive track record of success, has seen over 100 former fellows receive faculty appointments at various UC campuses, contributing to the ongoing diversification of the academic community within the University of California. He is going to work with Jen MacKinnon and Drew Lucas on understanding the role of the biology in the ocean optics during harmful algal blooms. Congratulations to Filipe on this remarkable and well-deserved honor!

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  1. Grande Filipe, velho lobo do mar!
    A comunidade de amigos se alegra a cada novo êxito alcançado!

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