We are thrilled to announce that Patrick Pasteris, a Master’s student in Tandon Lab, defended his master’s thesis on November 10, 2023. He worked on the Aurelia Upper Ocean Profiler (UOP), a revolutionary solution to the financial constraints plaguing upper ocean observations, for his thesis. Inspired by the Aurelia jellyfish genus, the Aurelia UOP is engineered for upper-ocean profiling within the top 200 meters, utilizing a unique buoyancy engine mechanism and integrating wireless connectivity.

Patrick’s journey with this profiler began with a 2016 Senior Capstone project, which saw the evolution of a groundbreaking idea into the Aurelia UOP. Mentoring five multidisciplinary Capstone teams and guided by Dr. Amit Tandon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, alongside committee members Dr. Alice Pietri and Dr. John Buck, Pasteris successfully navigated the challenges of developing this affordable and user-friendly oceanic research device.

The Aurelia UOP Lite, the culmination of Patrick’s thesis research which involved a series of tank and ocean tests, is a compact 10lb device capable of reaching depths of 50m. This innovation not only signifies a significant milestone in oceanic research but also holds the promise of advancing weather forecasting and enhancing maritime safety through cost-effective upper ocean monitoring. The Aurelia UOP Lite stands as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and ingenuity, paving the way for a new era in scientific exploration.

Congratulations Patrick!


Patrick (left) with his thesis committee members: Dr Amit Tandon (first from right), Dr John Buck (second from right) and Dr Alice Pietri (virtual)