Highlights of invited and contributed talks, chairs (2014-current only)


Co-Organizer, ICERM Workshop Brown University, Prediction and Variability of Air-Sea Interactions: the South Asian Monsoon, June 13-15, 2022 and Aug 23 – 27, 2021.

Discussion leader for session on Submesoscale and Finescale Processes: Fronts, Instabilities and Turbulence at Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Ocean Mixing (and its impacts on the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric systems, Climate and Society), June 2022. Five posters from my group were also presented at this conference.

Invited talk at Waves, Instabilities and Mixing in Rotating and Stratified Flows organized by ICTS Bengaluru and Geophysical Flow Labs (GFL), IIT Madras, April 2022.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022: Organizer and Program Chair for International session PL04 Indian Ocean circulation and its impact on air-sea interactions, biogeochemistry and ecology.  Eleven papers as primary or co-author were presented at this meeting in February 2022.

Co-author on a seminar at Geophysical Flow Labs (GFL), IIT Madras, October 2021.

Organizer, MISOBOB-PI Meeting with participants about 20 institutions from USA and India October 1-7, 2021.


Co-author on a presentation to NCURS, April 2021.

Co-convenor and USA leader for Online Workshop on India-US joint program on Arabian Sea Boundary Layer Dynamics (Feb22,23, March 7,8, 2021), attendees from five USA universities, ONR and NOAA and about 10 institutions from India.

Convenor/Organizer, MISOBOB All-PI international meeting, December 1-8 2020.

Co-author on a presentation at APS DFD meeting, November 2020: Lee waves in shear flow.

2020 Marine Renewable Energy Conference: On and Off the Grid, November 2020.

Talk at IIOE-2 meetings.

Co-Chair, UMass System Wide Brain Trust on: Sustainability and Climate Resilience: Coastal Communities, Energy, and Transportation (September 2020-March 2021).

Invited panelist at sessions on Ocean Observation Platforms, and on Ocean Modeling in Vaibhav Summit, October 2020.

Invited departmental Seminar, School for Marine Science and Technology, UMass Dartmouth, September 2020.

Attendee, CMR-WHOI 6th Annual Entrepreneurs Forum August 2020.


Invited panelist to the meeting of the Ambassador of India to USA with select scientists, July 2020.

Attendee, 2020 NSF Frontiers in Ocean Science Symposium, June 2020.

USIEF Fulbright Webinar on The Oceans and The Monsoon June 25th 2020

Multiple presentations to ONR, NOAA program managers and to Indian MoES senior leadership.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020: Ten papers presented as primary or co-author at this meeting, February 2020.

Organizer, Primary Chair and session organizer for USA-India Workshop and Discussion Meetings on Air Sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal from Monsoons to Mixing at NIOT Chennai (July 2019) and at SAC Ahmedabad ISRO (January 2020).

Invited Seminar at University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography, October 2019.


Primary Chair and session organizer for Workshop and Discussion Meeting on Air Sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal from Monsoons to Mixing, February 2019.

Organizer for MOES-NOAA-ONR scoping workshop on Arabian Sea Science at INCOIS Hyderabad, February 2019.


Lecturer at the KITP Program: Planetary Boundary Layers in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Ice on Earth and Moons(Apr 2 – Jun 22, 2018).

Primary Chair and session organizer for Ocean Circulation and Air-Sea Interaction in the Bay of Bengal session, Ocean Sciences Meeting, February 2018. Assigned three oral and a poster sessions, co-authored three presentations and a primary author presentation.

Organized Arabian Sea workshop at NIO Goa.

Co-presenter, IIOE2 USA meeting, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Results, status and plans for recent Bay of Bengal and northwestern Indian Ocean physical oceanographic process studies, September 2017.


Task Force Ocean Panel Discussion — Plenary Session Panelist, Naval future force science and technology, July 21 2017.

Organizer and Presenter, MISOBOB PI meeting, WHOI, July 13-14, 2017.

ONR Physical Oceanography Review lead presenter for ASIRI (and MISOBOB), March 2017.

Invited talk on mesoscale/submesoscale eddies and their large-scale impacts, IndOOS Review, IIOE-2 International meeting Perth Australia January 2017.


Submesoscale Processes: Mechanisms, Implications and new Frontiers, University of Liège, Belgium, May 23-27, 2016. Seven presentations by as a primary or co-author.

Ocean Sciences Meeting AGU/ASLO/TOS, New Orleans, LA. Seven presentations by myself or collaborators on which I am a co-author, 21-27 Feb 2016.

Dynamics of the Indian Ocean: Perspective and Retrospective, International Symposium on the Indian Ocean,  Goa, India, Nov 30-Dec 4, 2015.Nine presentations by myself or collaborators on which I am a co-author in the Session-14 (Mixing to Monsoons: Many scales in the Bay of Bengal.


20th Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics, 15-19 June 2015, Minneapolis, MN

Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM 2014)- Invited Panelist for Dual Careers: Challenges and Opportunities, an evening workshop hosted by the MPOWIR (Mentoring Physical Oceanography Women to Increase Retention), Feb 24, 2014 at the International Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014.

OSM 2014: five presentations as a primary or co-author.


Chancellor’s Lecture, From Stirring Physics to Blooming Biology: Life on a Rotating Planet, April 2009.