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Author: isimoesdesousa

iury is accepted for the prestigious GFD Summer School on Woods Hole!

We are delighted to announce that iury (currently a Ph.D. candidate from our group) will join the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution this summer for the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics School. The theme for this year (Data-driven GFD) is a cutting-edge topic for both theory and oceanographic data analysis. If you want to know more about iury’s work, check out his website!


Caique is a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography!

Caique joined the group years ago as an MS student from the University of São Paulo (Prof. Silveira’s group). He investigated the effect of mesoscale eddies and topography generating submesoscale eddies in the Brazil Current’s domain. He successfully defended his thesis the last Friday (Apr 29th, 2022). Both prof. Tandon and prof. Buckingham was on his thesis committee. For his next steps, Caique is joining Scripps to pursue his Ph.D.

Ersen’S Joseph ’22: Intertwining mechanical engineering & oceanography

Ersen’S is featured on the university website! Do give it a read.


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