In an endeavor to navigate the careers in ocean research, Iury and Sid participated in the ONR Code 322 Graduate Student and Postdoc Workshop, hosted in Arlington, VA, on May 22-23, 2023. This comprehensive career workshop illuminated the diverse array of  opportunities, showcased the pivotal functions of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), emphasized the art of science communication, underscored the importance of safe and inclusive fieldwork practices, and facilitated networking among peers and potential employers. This workshop was attended by various officials from U.S. Navy, ONR, NOAA, NSF, NRL etc.

This workshop helped the attendees see their research as contributing to the broader society.  Moreover, the workshop’s focus on science communication resonated deeply and recognized its pivotal role in conveying the significance of their work to diverse audiences.

Finally, the networking sessions held great value as they allowed Iury and Sid to connect with potential employers and peers. These connections opened doors to opportunities, form mentorship and collaborations.


Iury and Sid participating in the ONR Code 322 Workshop